A downloadable project

NOTE : This app is currently in the pre-production phase.

We have come together to help solve various issues affecting students (violence, bullying, depression, etc.)  in our schools, by giving students a voice to report those issues anonymously. There is a short critical window where intervention can have a significant impact on preventing violent acts against oneself or others, and once that period has passed, it is too late to act. 

Utilizing this application, the student will answer a very short series of questions and then input some information including the location and people involved.  Main categories of the incidents reported will be Emotional, Physical, or Drug/Alcohol related. Once they submit the report, it will be sent to the proper person depending on the issue (Teachers, Guidance Counselors, School Administrators, Police, etc.) The school personnel will have a dashboard that they can use to view the reports as well as compare themselves with other schools in the District, State, and the entire country. The app will associate an ID and PIN with each student, that will be given to the student securely directly from Speak Safe.  Each ID will be associated with the appropriate school.  If a significant false report is given, or if the authorities need to collect further information, the student who made the report can be identified, through the proper legal channels, however, this will not be possible through the school itself.